Paul D. Blischak

456 Aronoff Laboratory, 318 W. 12th Ave., Columbus, OH 43210





In progress – Ph.D., Evolution, Ecology, & Organismal Biology (EEOB), The Ohio State University (OSU). Graduate minor in Statistics (completed).

2012 – B.Sc., Mathematics, The Ohio State University. Minors: Statistics, Spanish.

Professional Experience

2015–current – Graduate Research Associate, Dept. of EEOB, OSU.

2014 – Teaching Associate, MBI Undergraduate Summer Program (Phylogenetics Lab), OSU.

2013–2015 – Graduate Teaching Associate, Dept. of EEOB, OSU.

2012–2013 – Graduate Student Research Fellow, Dept. of EEOB, OSU.

2011–2012 – Undergraduate Research Fellow, RUMBA Program, OSU.


Blischak, P. D., L. S. Kubatko, and A. D. Wolfe. In Revision. SNP genotyping and parameter estimation in polyploids using low-coverage sequencing data.

Wolfe, A. D., T. Necamp, S. Fassnacht, P. D. Blischak, and L. S. Kubatko. 2016. Population genetics of Penstemon albomarginatus (Plantaginaceae), a rare Majove Desert species of conservation concern. Conservation Genetics 17: 1245–1255. [link]

Blischak, P. D., L. S. Kubatko, and A. D. Wolfe. 2016. Accounting for genotype uncertainty in the estimation of allele frequencies in autopolyploids. Molecular Ecology Resources 16: 742–754. [link :: preprint :: Dryad :: GitHub]

Blischak, P. D., A. J. Wenzel, and A. D. Wolfe. 2014. Gene prediction and annotation in Penstemon (Plantaginaceae): a workflow for marker development from extremely low-coverage genome sequencing. Applications in Plant Sciences 2: 1400044. [link :: Dryad]


(*presenting author, \(^{\ddagger}\)undergraduate author)

Blischak, P. D.*, L. S. Kubatko, and A. D. Wolfe. June 2016. Developing models for genotype uncertainty, inbreeding, and allelic inheritance in non-model polyploids. Evolution 2016. Austin, TX. figshare, doi:

Blischak, P. D.* April 2016. Hierarchical models for genotype uncertainty in autopolyploids. NHS meeting, Dept. of Human Genetics, Univ. of Chicago. Chicago, IL.

Blischak, P. D.*, L. S. Kubatko, and A. D. Wolfe. July 2015. Estimating allele frequencies in non-model autopolyploids using high throughput sequencing data. Botany 2015. Edmonton, Alberta. figshare, doi:

Wolfe, A. D.*, B. Stone\(^{\ddagger}\), N. Padmalwar\(^{\ddagger}\), P. D. Blischak, and L. S. Kubatko. July 2015. Hyobanche sanguinea (Orobanchaceae): there’s more than meets the eye. Botany 2015. Edmonton, Alberta.

Zacarias-Correa, A. G., A. J. Wenzel, P. D. Blischak, A. D. Wolfe*, E. P. Calix, and M.-S. Perez. July 2015. Molecular phylogeny of Penstemon section Fasciculus (Plantaginaceae) based on single copy orthologous genes (COSII). Botany 2015. Edmonton, Alberta.

Blischak, P. D.* More genomes, more problems. February 2015. Graduate Student Forum Speed-Talks, OSU.

Blischak, P. D.*, A. D. Wolfe, and L. S. Kubatko. October 2014. Phylogenomics and the coalescent model: new tools for new data. EEOB Graduate Student Talks, OSU.

Blischak, P. D.*, A. D. Wolfe, and L. S. Kubatko. July 2014. Inferring large phylogenies under the coalescent model using SNPs from next-generation sequence data. Botany 2014: Boise, ID. figshare, doi:

Wolfe, A. D.* and P. D. Blischak. July 2014. Patterns of diversity in Penstemon (Plantaginaceae). Botany 2014: Boise, ID.

Blischak, P. D.*, A. J. Wenzel, M. R. Stevens, and A. D. Wolfe. August 2013. How low can you go? Gene predictions and putative annotations in four species of Penstemon (Plantaginaceae) from ultra low-coverage 454 sequencing. Botany 2013: New Orleans, LA.

Wenzel, A. J.*, P. D. Blischak, and A. D. Wolfe. August 2013. Molecular phylogenetic analysis of Penstemon (Plantaginaceae) section Ericopsis: evaluating relationships and taxonomic affinities. Botany 2013: New Orleans, LA.


ebg: empirical Bayes genotyping of biallelic SNPs in polyploids. Available on GitHub (

polyfreqs: an R package for Bayesian population genomics in autopolyploids. Available on GitHub ( and CRAN (

Honors and Awards

2016 – NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant ($20,020.00).

2015 – ASPT Graduate Student Research Grant ($800.00).

2014 – SSB Graduate Student Research Award ($1,915.00).

2014 – NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Honorable Mention.

2014 – NIMBioS Visiting Graduate Student Fellowship (advised by Dr. Brian O’Meara).

2013 – Beatley Award for Field Work in Plant Systematics, OSU Herbarium ($1,050.00).

2012 – Distinguished University Fellowship, OSU Graduate School.

2011 – Undergraduate Research Fellowship, RUMBA Program, OSU.


2015 – Graduate Student Representative: Advisory Committee; Graduate Student Advisor: Undergraduate Evolution and Ecology Club.

2014 – Graduate Student Representative: Diversity Committee.

2013 – Graduate Student Representative: Seminar Committee; Volunteer: OSU Museum of Biological Diversity Open House.

Journal reviewsApplications in Plant Sciences, Molecular Ecology, Molecular Ecology Resources, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, and PeerJ.


2013-current – American Penstemon Society (APS), American Society of Plant Taxonomists (ASPT), Botanical Society of America (BSA), Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB), Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE).

Last updated: 11 February, 2017